Penderyn Distillery are delighted to announce that they have partnered with the California-based, Siddiqui Rum Corporation. This exciting new partnership means that Penderyn will produce Siddiqui Rums for international markets.

For more info on Siddiqui’s great backstory, please click here.

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Brown Rum

This is a spirit that ‘Sips like a whisky and parties like a rum’, and it tastes like no other spirit. It has a distinctive whisky-like smoky and oaky note, but it is rounded with a short finish as you’d expect from a quality rum.

2020 Spirits Business Rum and Chacaca Masters – Silver

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White Rum

This rum is sweet, smooth, and very drinkable: an ideal platform for cocktails.

2020 Spirits Business Rum and Chacaca Masters- Silver